Time, effort, quality of care, proper insurance, overhead, planning, dedication, background checks, transportation, recruitment, trainings and safety are all the ingredients for a recipe of success.

We don’t just show up for an event.

We work closely with the event or wedding coordinator beforehand to make sure we capture all the needs of our clients. This includes visiting the venue, preparing activity schedules based on the needs of expected children, specialized themes, scheduling staff, consultation, purchasing supplies, coordinating with vendors, pre-registration and catering to the needs of families.

This is just pre-event!

On site, our team manages all aspects of childcare from A to Z, including a secure check in/check out process, set up and break down of rooms, navigating and executing a fun filled schedule, attentive to each child in our care, aware of allergies especially when it comes to meals, bathroom runs, helping children adjust to a new environment, keeping children engaged, transitioning to new activities, maintaining our high energy and so much more! Post event we sanitize all toys + equipment, clean up, make sure every child is safely back in the arms of their parents, and leave the room the way we found it; clean and everything back in its place..

Last but not least, we send children home with crafts they’ve made and amazing memories to share.

Our team is comprised of qualified professionals such as teachers, nannies, early childhood providers and camp counselors. We only place the best as quality care is super important to us.

Our ratios are as follows to ensure adequate staffing and care:

Babies (3 months – 24 months) 1:1
Toddlers (2 – 3 years) 4: 1
Preschoolers (4 – 5 years) 6:1
School Age (6 – 12 years) 8: 1


A 3 day conference requiring care for 20 children ages 2 – 12, for 9 hours a day is approximately $4000. This provides all that is listed above with at least 4 sitters, registration management and an event lead. If care is needed for babies, there are additional costs as they require 1 on 1 care. 

So yes, event childcare can be costly, but it’s a small investment for peace of mind and quality care.

Or, you get what you pay for. 

About Khadijah
Khadijah is the Owner and Chief Entertainment Officer of Playtime Event Sitters. She is a former Professional Nanny with over 10 years of childcare experience. She began doing event childcare organically while running her Nanny agency. Due to its success, she decided to focus solely on event childcare.

Originally from New Haven, CT; Khadijah moved to the DC area over 8 years ago. Additionally, she holds a degree in Public Health and is currently in grad school at the George Washington University to obtain her Masters. She works with children who may be at risk for HIV/STIs in DC and also founded a nonprofit focused on HIV/AIDS and advocating against Gender Based Violence.